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Quru Lab is a trusted software development agency with expertise in building high-quality web, mobile and blockchain apps. We simply delivery excellent products always

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Focus on your business, Let's do the building

We hold your hand from ideation stage to full product launch. You simply share the product features and requirements, we refine your thoughts, build and push to production and launch to your ideal market.

Timely Delivery

We understand how valuable the time factor is to a successful product launch. We do our best to maintain our delivery timeline.

Quality Engineering

Delivering quality software is at the core of what we do. Our engineering team ensure our tools, techniques, APIs follows updated best practice patterns.

Cost Effective Solutions

Our services is a match of both quality and best pricing possible. We ensure our pricing of our services remains competitive always.

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We are your best technology partner to make your ideas a reality. We help you plan, develop, and launch.

Product Design 🎨

All you need is an idea and we provide you detailed product research, UX/UI design, and prototyping.

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Web Development

We offer frontend and backend development services covering services such as website development, custom web apps, APIs, blogs, and digital marketplace.

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Mobile Development

We build fast, secure, and beautiful mobile apps that run on Android and iOS devices. We can build from scratch, maintain your existing mobile apps or help your scale your current mobile apps.

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Blockchain Development

Blockchain Solutions Benefit from our proven experience of delivering blockchain products that put your ideas and business ahead of your competitors

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Nathaniel Luz, Senior PM at Venturage

After all, is said and done, Henry and his team get things done excellently and transparently.

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Products We Have Built

We have build some amazing products for amazing teams over the years and we are proud of our work


Believers App

Believers App is a kingdom app to stream and download your favourite gospel sermons, prayer chants and gospel songs.

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Muna App

Muna App is a secure crypto wallet to store, transfer and trade crypto with cash. Available on Andriod and iOS devices.

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Gateway App

Gatewayapp is a gamified learning & web3 product discovery platform.

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Dyzsocial App

Dyzsocial is a community-governed social media platform where every user has an equal say.

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